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Art slave by JathemonRango fan stamp by Fensy
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Kim Ravenfire M.
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United States
just another artist trying to make my place in the world.

what programs to you use your digital artwork in?

Stamp - Photoshop by MauserGirl
Do you still do traditional work?
yes, I do even though it is not very often, I mostly use colored pencil or watercolor.
Stamp: Colored pencils by ibis-diedwatercolor by Fleana
Do you do requests?
no, simply no. I do have the free time to do those anymore.
No Requests by SweetDuke
Do you do trades?
Depends on the artist and if I have time to do them. I usually only do art trades with artists I'm good friends with.
DA Stamp - Art Trades 009 by tppgraphics
Are you open of commissions?
yes, I'm ALWAYS open for commissions as I'm always in need of can commission me whenever you commission info is on the front page as well.
Open for Commissions by tRiBaLmArKiNgS
Do you do tutorials?
no, because there are plenty of other artist out there that have tutorials on basically the same thing, but you what to learned something specific from me, I might consider it.
Can I use your art or characters?
no. period. not without my permission

Please do not repost my artwork without my permission first. Always give me credit and a link back to my site or my deviantART page if I allow you to use it.
Do not edit my artwork for your own images. There is plenty of free for use art and images around the net you can use for this purpose. My art is NOT free for use.

Dawn of the planet of the apes review

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 2:51 PM

I normally don’t write movie reviews anymore because no one really cares, but this one has been on my mind all day, so I really want to write it out. I finally saw dawn of the planet of the apes, and oh my god, probably the best film I have seen this year or in a real long while in matter of fact. Not only was the CGI and the special affects amazingly good, but it had a really compelling story too. I would say it is even better than the first! It takes place 10 years later after the rise of the apes movie, it starts with Caesar and other apes living out their lives in wooded area outside of san Francesco and by this time they started to form their own civilization and society. Then it switches to what happing in the human world, a virus spreads like a wildfire and the whole world goes in chaos because of this, by 10 years later half the earth’s population is dead and those that did survive are gathered together in small strongholds throughout the world, the movie focuses on a small group of people surviving in the city of san Francesco. Of course, humans and apes to eventually meet again and there is conflict. A small group people go search for a dam that will restore power to the city, but the big problem is that it is too close to where the apes live. Caesar eventually lets the humans go to the dam on one condition they just repair the dam and then leave, but things don’t go as planned and soon enough all war breaks out. Caesar eventually gets the fighting to stop, but he knows the peace is only temporary and a bigger battle is yet to come.   

What this movie so good is that is goes on an emotional level, the apes are actually really well fleshed out characters now, matter of fact they are better than the human characters! The apes don’t really talk all that much, but they don’t need too because pretty everything is expressed though their emotions. We get the orangutan named Maurice, who is sort the teacher, peacekeeper and advisor to Caesar, we get koba, a very bitter bonobo ape who stills as a strong hatred for humans and Caesar’s son, blue eyes, who no doubly the spitting image on his father when he was young. Of course, we get the best character out the whole movie which is Caesar, in rise of the apes he started as an impressive character because you can sympathize with him, well in this movie you can sympathize with him even more. He really does portray what a powerful leader is supposed to be like; his presence is very intimidating, even scary at times, but when we see him interact with his son and his wife, we do see he as a caring side too. He does rule his clan with an iron fist, but he is not totally ruthless, he shows kindness to those that most loyal to him, so he really is a malevolent leader. He no longer wants to wage war against humans and just wants live on peacefully with his clan. Even though he does not trust humans anymore, he still does sympathize with them as he lets the humans repair the dam and even helps them. Mostly because he was taught kindness and compassion at an early age from the first movie and was not shown cruelty until much later on. So he has been shown both the good and the bad side of humanity, but stills choose to act upon the good side because he knows the latter will only bring more conflict.

This movie shows a good example of conflict and prejudice, either the apes or the humans want war, but will fight each other if it comes to that. Even though both sides want piece, there are still were some of the humans that saw the apes a vicious animals and some of the apes still humans as cruel and heartless. It equally shows both sides of the story and that both sides are just trying to survive in a harsh world. Also it shows both the humans and the apes have good reasons to go to war or to not go to war. So if you were impressed by the first film like I was, you will really like this movie

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The God of Souls by noctem-tenebrisTumble by MeerinG by LDN-RDNTCold As Usual by MaG1Xxfriendship starts with a touch by kasuouhhitachiinChaos Emporium by Skysealer

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